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With Chrome® devices becoming a staple in schools for their low-cost and ease of manageability, FireFly Computers has done their homework to help schools achieve a smooth deployment. From offering the best available devices, creating top-tier services, and finding the best complimentary hardware and software, FireFly Computers strives to make your Google Chrome® deployments easy, successful and as hands-on or hands-off as you desire.

Our Services

Run Windows® in Chrome OS® using FireFlyFX for Chrome®
Individual Windows® applications or a full Windows® desktop — as low as $19 per seat based on volume
White Glove Setup
Chromebooks are delivered completely preconfigured and ready-to-use — as low as $5 per device based on volume
Laser Etching with Custom Text and/or Logo
Permanent, theft-deterring device identification — as low as $8 per device depending on style and volume
Barcoded Asset Tags
Match users to specific devices and easily track temporary sign-outs — as low as $3 per device depending on volume
Accidental Damage Protection
Worry-free coverage against mishaps not covered by the warranty — as low as $20 per device
FireFly Chrome Advantage
FireFly tech support, advance warranty exchange, and FireFly manufacturer representation — as low as $9 per device

Featured Devices

  • Built to withstand falls from up to 70cm
  • Durable, non-slip texture
  • Mechanically anchored keys
  • Water resistant keyboard and touchpad
  • Fanless design keeps out dust and debris
  • All-day battery lasts up to 10 hours
* Deep discounts available by volume – Contact us for a quote *

  • Designed to pass MIL-STD-810G testing
  • Rugged design that includes co-molded rubber edges
  • Spill-resistant keyboard and touchpad
  • 180° hinge for easy collaboration and improved durability
  • Fanless design eliminates noise and promotes a slimmer profile
* Currently priced below advertisable minimums *

We Also Offer

Charging Carts

AVer C36i – $1499 or less

Protective Shells

MAXCases Extreme Shell – $29 or less

Protective Cases

Higher Ground Datakeeper – $35 or less

Admin Software

GoGuardian for Admins – $8/seat
* Many other cart, case and software options are also available