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FireFly HDS Array

The FireFly High Density Server (HDS) Array has been engineered to bring you unparalleled user density in a turn-key virtual desktop implementation. Our HDS Array contains a 4U or 2U Rack-mounted server enclosure, complete with cooling and redundant power for as many as eight server nodes that can operate independently or in an RDS cluster. Unlike a traditional blade enclosure, our HDS Array does not rely on its own internal networking, software, or storage-area-network (SAN) to operate, making for an efficient and familiar server deployment

FireFly HDS Array

Highlights of the HDS Array

  • More servers in a smaller form factor equates to less heat and noise in the data center
  • Exclusive FireFly software and utilities are preinstalled for a hassle-free deployment
  • Each node is customizable for power exactly where you need it at the best possible price

Performance Benchmarks*

 Single NodeEight Nodes
Low Workload2401920
Medium Workload2101680
High Workload1751400
Standard YouTube2351880
Full-Screen YouTube60480

*Number of simultaneous users

Due to the high user capacity of this array, these benchmarks were extrapolated from actual results measured on other FireFly servers. These benchmarks represent our best good-faith predictions; however actual user counts could vary based on several factors in the technology environment

FireFly HDS Array Back

Description of Benchmarking Workloads

All listed programs running simultaneously

Low Workload
  • One instance each of Word® and Excel® 2010
  • One open PDF in Adobe Reader® 11
  • Two windows/tabs open in Firefox®*
Medium Workload
  • One instance each of Word®, Excel® and Power Point® 2010
  • One open PDF in Adobe Reader® 11
  • Three windows/tabs open in Firefox®*
High Workload
  • One instance each of Word®, Excel® and Power Point® 2010
  • One open PDF in Adobe Reader® 11
  • Four windows/tabs open in Firefox®*
  • Half-screen 480p video playing in VLC Media Player 2.1
Standard and Full-Screen YouTube®
  • Flash®—based YouTube® video in Firefox®
  • Standard: 360p resolution at YouTube® default size
  • Full-Screen: 360p resolution on a 1366 x 768 display

* Websites used:,, Google News,
Full-screen benchmarks can be greatly affected by display resolution

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