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We’re a different kind of IT partner.

Who We Are...

A partner you can count on, a problem-solver who’s there when you need us, a hassle-free resource when you need something fast – Trafera, formerly FireFly is all of those things and more. It’s a philosophy we call “Technology Made Easy” and it’s what’s built us into the company we are today – one of the fastest-growing vendors of school and government technology in the US and one of the top 3 vendors of Google Chrome products worldwide. At Trafera, we focus on helping you be less busy, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

We’re raising the bar on what a true technology partner can do to make deploying, managing, and maintaining your school technology a breeze. Whether it’s reducing costs, saving time, or simpli-flying a process (yep, we went there), our innovations are a win-win for you and your budget. Not that price is always the most important factor, but by buying smart and focusing exclusively on education and government we keep our costs low and can usually beat out even the big tech giants.

At Trafera, we have solutions for every situation and preference. Want a hands-off experience with everything included? You got it. Only want the basics and you’ll take it from there? No problem. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from working with over 2,500 customers across all 50 states, it’s that every tech department is unique. Your dedicated US-based Trafera Account Manager will know who you are when you call and will give you the personalized service you deserve. Providing you with reliable, friendly, and fast service doesn’t cost a thing, but to us, it means everything. We’re not just another vendor, we’re a partner… and we look forward to welcoming you to our Trafera Family!


Trafera is all about education and government, which means our most important customer is you. We specialize exclusively in selling, configuring, and supporting the best products for students and staff, and we’ve built our business on meeting the unique needs of tech departments like yours. No other vendor partner is more focused on your success!


Our best ideas come straight from the community we serve. We listen hard to the struggles IT departments face and we spin those pain points into creative solutions designed to make your life a whole lot easier. We care so much about improving things for our customers that we made it our slogan – “Imagine IT Better”


At Trafera, we’re here for you at every stage of your technology lifecycle, both before and after the sale. We build relationships, not prospects. You’ll have direct access to a dedicated, US-based Account Manager who’ll give you the fast, personalized service you deserve and always make sure your experience is Trafera fantastic.

“There are so many things that change in technology, but the common thread that we’ve carried since our inception is continually finding ways to make technology easier for schools.”

Kari Phillips | Co-Founder of FireFly Computers

The FireFly Story

From a humble one-room office in the back of a machine shop to a freshly renovated 50,000 sq. ft. building with 100+ employees 8 years later, FireFly’s meteoric rise is a story to be proud of. We first opened our doors in 2011 as a specialty vendor of thin-clients for session-based desktop virtualization. It was a great solution that we still support, but as 1-to-1 computing became achievable and even necessary for most schools, the demand for stationary computer labs began to fade away.

That would have spelled the end for most companies, but FireFly built our business on more than just a product. Our focus has always been on customer service, innovation, integrity, and a desire to help our customers succeed. We took the excellence we established for desktop virtualization and, with a legion of #FireFlyFan customers backing us, we applied that same standard or even better to Chromebooks, charging carts/cabinets, Windows PCs, interactive flat panels, and more. The technology landscape moves fast and no one quite knows what the future will bring, but there’s one thing we remain confident about – for as long as schools keep needing classroom technology, FireFly will keep providing it and supporting it in ways no other vendor partner can match.

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Do you think you have something to bring to the Trafera table? Do you like working with great people who share your interests and care about you? Join our team of awesome, dorky, fun, funny, quirky, talented techs-perts.

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As much as we like Browncoats, shindigs, and the whole Firefly ‘verse, contrary to popular belief, our company wasn’t named after a TV show (although we did name our original server “Serenity”). In 2011 one of our company co-founders liked the song “FireFly” by Jimmy Needham and the name “FireFly Computers” just seemed to have a nice ring to it. The name stuck, and the rest is history. If you want to hear the song sometime, give us a call and ask to be put on hold. The song “Firefly” is our hold music. It’s one of our little FireFly easter eggs known only by the truest of #FireFlyFan.