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Big. Small. Stationary. Portable. Premium. Cost-effective. Whatever you’re looking for in a charging station, our Trafera sales reps will help you find the perfect solution for you. We work with all the top manufacturers, and because we stock most models in our own private warehouse, we can add convenient, time-saving services like cart and cabinet pre-wiring. We can even ship your Chromebooks already setup and ready-to-go inside a pre-wired, fully assembled cart (excludes some models).

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Having a plan to keep student devices charged during the day is a must for modern schools, but it’s not a one-size-fits all proposition. We’ve analyzed the top reasons for choosing carts vs. cabinets and here are some key points to consider:

Does each classroom have its own set of devices?
If the answer is “no,” a cart is a great option for sharing devices between classrooms.

Is floor space at a premium?
If it is, charging cabinets could be your best bet. They can be placed on or above existing countertops and other furniture, or depending on the model, some cabinets can be stacked several units high. Many charging cabinets also have a more vertical layout than carts and relatively small footprints.

Do you have a lot of devices to charge all at the same time?
In general, carts hold more devices than cabinets and have more advanced features for preventing circuit overload such as intelligent charging and cycle timers, which are often a must if you’re charging more than 30 devices at a time on the same electrical circuit.

Do you need charging options for student-owned devices?
Cabinets with individually-locking doors may be right for you. They’re a little more expensive than standard cabinets, but since not all of your students will have to charge their devices at the same time, you can typically get by with fewer units.


One organized, well-managed cart wiring job can take several hours to complete. If you’re ordering multiple carts or cabinets at once, that means you could potentially spend days or even weeks doing nothing but wiring carts!

Maybe you just enjoy wiring carts, but if not, let Trafera, formerly FireFly professionally wire your carts and cabinets for you! We’ll get the job done right, with all the zip-tying and cable management included. It’s a service our customers love, and it’s something pretty much only offered through Trafera.

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The more you know…


Continuous Charging

Basically consisting of one or more power strips inside a box, continuous charging is a fast and economical way to charge up to 30 devices simultaneously. Charging more than 30 devices at a time on the same circuit may overload your electrical breaker. Cycle timers and Intelligent charging overcome that limitation by distributing the charge to different devices at different times.

Cycle Timer Charging

By dividing the available chargers into four or more separate zones, cycle timers deliver charge to one zone at a time to prevent electrical overload. The charged zone rotates on a regular schedule, usually every 15 minutes. Because of this, it takes longer for devices to fully charge, but you can have many more devices charging off the same circuit. LocknCharge® has introduced a programmable “ECO Safe Charge™” timer that has customizable charge durations and an ability to switch into continuous charging mode for the fastest possible charging when needed.

Intelligent Charging

Intelligent charging distributes charge to just a portion of the total devices at any one time, but it selectively prioritizes the devices or zones of devices that currently have the lowest charge. This helps ensure devices with batteries that are almost dead get charged before devices that are almost full, making it a good option for topping up devices in the middle of the day when there might not be enough time for a full charge.

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