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5 Reasons you really do need


  1. Improve student engagement and attentiveness by blocking out distractions
  2. Monitor student screens in real-time so teachers can see who needs extra help
  3. Eliminate access to dangerous, explicit, and unwanted websites, web pages, and YouTube channels
  4. Receive analytics about software and website utilization to better understand where to focus your technology investment
  5. Get alerted if a student exhibits risk signs for self-harming or public endangerment
Best of all, classroom management software is designed to work seamlessly alongside your school‘s existing learning management systems (LMS) and student information systems (SIS) to provide even greater insight and control over student learning.

Common Classroom Management Features


Management lets you set policy preferences across entire groups of devices. For example blocking websites or pushing out apps and extensions. Teachers can use management to only allow access to certain apps at certain times, pre-load instructional materials, or even blank out all screens to finally get students’ eyes up-front.


Classroom monitoring gives teachers real-time visibility into what students are looking at. They can help students stay on task, see who needs assistance, record evidence of inappropriate behaviors, host surveys and quizzes, or even remotely take control of a student device. Monitoring tools enable the full control needed to help young learners stay focused and productive on classroom devices.


Many websites deemed pertinent to student work contain content not suitable for the classroom. Even a seemingly innocuous Google search can produce shocking search results. With filtering tools, you can grant access to useful websites and still rest assured that no inappropriate images, ads, or text will slip through the cracks. Smart filtering and AI solutions go beyond simple blacklisting to sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly in your web pages, apps, and searches. They‘re constantly updating and evolving to scale with the ever-changing internet.


Determine the effectiveness of your software and classroom instruction investments with analytics features that track usage of apps and websites. Understand how students and staff are engaging with their devices to make more informed decisions about training, adoption, and ROI.

Suicide and Harm Prevention

With the digital era comes new struggles and dangers for students dealing with self-harming, suicidal, or homicidal thoughts. Classroom management software can act as a guardian angel for your students. It’s programmed to detect a variety of early warning signs. You’ll get alerts and evidence that empower school administrators and/or law enforcement to intervene before it’s too late. Even if there was no other reason to use classroom management software, this would be worth it. Fortunately, it’s so important it’s provided free on some platforms.

Classroom Management Partners

Buy your management software through Trafera for a convenient, one-stop experience and we can even pre-install it for you during white-glove setup (sold separately). Not sure which software is right for you? We’re happy to help with expert advice, free trials, and free training in most cases. Check out our features comparison below:

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