Why Choose Trafera?

It’s simple: if you’re not working with Trafera, you’re working too hard

Your job is hard! Between purchasing new technology and fixing the old (not to mention the everyday chaos) you have a lot on your plate. We hear you! At Trafera, we’re confident we can make your job a whole lot easier. We’ve listened to the pain points of K-12 technology staff from hundreds of schools nationwide and created successful solutions to save you time, money, and headaches. We make K-12 technology easy.

  • Easy Device Purchasing
  • Easy Coverage Selection
  • Easy Chromebook Setup
  • Easy Shipping and Delivery
  • Easy RMAs and DOAs Returns
  • Easy Technical Support
  • Easy Warranty Claims and Repairs
  • Easy Buy Back

What does “K-12 Technology Made Easy” mean to Trafera? It means providing helpful, hassle-free support, and innovative solutions that cover every stage of your technology’s life cycle.

That’s right!

Every. Single. Stage.

Wherever we see an opportunity to make your job easier, we take it! Trafera has simplified and strengthened the way you buy, deploy, and maintain classroom tech.

Along with our highly competitive prices, you’ll never want to work with your average technology vendor again. Let Trafera be your true technology partner. It’s a no-brainer!



From Nationwide Customers