New & Recertified Computers

Every FireFly Recertified computer goes through an industry-leading restoration process that includes 31 unique checkpoints, covering everything from hardware function to software dependability and even full cosmetic renewal. In a side-by-side comparison with new equipment, we’re convinced the only difference you’ll see is the price tag.

Full Cosmetic Renewal

  • Paint Restoration
  • Complete Chassis Restoration
  • Laptop Screen Certification
  • Visual Uniformity Check

31-Point System Check

  • Processor and Chipset Functionality Test
  • Real-world Battery Life Test
  • Fan and System Noise Level Checks
  • Verify Windows® Activation, Drivers and Configuration
  • Factory Airflow Restoration

The Most Value

  • Personal Dedicated Account Manager
  • Free BIOS and Windows® Custom Configuration
  • Expert US-Based Technical Support
  • Free Custom System Imaging
  • Bloatware-Free Base Installation

Featured Systems

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