I was spending a fortune on warranties
even though only a fraction of my
devices ever actually used it.
I always thought
there has to be a better way.
It turns out there is.
FireFly Smart Repair is great. It gives me
all the benefits of a full warrany, and
I only pay for units that actually break.
It’s brilliant!

FireFly Smart Repair

Warranties are expensive! The fact is, your warranty doesn’t just pay for your own repairs, it also needs to cover the cost of additional repairs for warranty abusers. At FireFly we’ve re-invented the warranty game and put you in control. With FireFly Smart Repair, you only pay for the repairs you actually use. You get solid coverage for all your devices, plus all the convenience of a traditional warranty like online RMA submissions and free bulk shipping. You get extra flexibility that lets you do things like self-maintain or launch student repair programs. There’s no need to track serial numbers, the cause of breakage doesn’t matter, and the devices don’t need to be purchased from us.

Here’s How It Works


Purchase Smart Repair credits in increments of $1,000 and get 10% in bonus credits on your first purchase. Buy Credits Online


Use the credits to buy parts on fireflyrepairzone.com or to pay for break-fix repairs through our convenient online RMA portal


Add more credits any time! Unused credits will roll over from year to year and can be used on any device we service, even if you didn’t buy it from us!

Highlights of the
Smart Repair Program

No tracking serial numbers

Coverage even when warranties have lapsed

Simple online RMA portal

FireFly speed and convenience

Cause of breakage doesn’t matter

Usable on devices that weren’t purchased from us

Fast online parts ordering

Credits roll over from year to year*

Let Us Revolutionize The Way You Fix Devices

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*Accounts will be closed after 5 consecutive years of inactivity

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