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Filtering & Monitoring, Classroom Management, and Student Mental Health

GoGuardian Safety Solutions — Available Through FireFly

Get great pricing and one-stop service when you order both your devices and GoGuardian through FireFly. Unify your filtering, classroom management, and school mental health tools into a single suite. GoGuardian’s suite of tools helps you maximize the learning potential of your 1:1 school technology program. Seamlessly integrate multiple device types and platforms. From Chromebooks and Apple devices to Windows and BYOD, GoGuardian’s suite of tools can help keep your students safe on any device. Read about GoGuardian’s products below, then fill out our interest form for more information and a free demo.

GoGuardian Admin

The most complete K-12 web filter

Monitor, manage, and filter any device on your network with K-12’s most complete web filter. GoGuardian’s powerful AI engine learns and dynamically updates to keep up with changing content so you don’t have to. Feel confident knowing that your students are safe anywhere they venture.

GoGuardian Teacher

More teaching, less managing

Eliminate distractions, connect with students, and save
time with K-12’s leading classroom management software. GoGuardian Teacher allows you to know what students are doing on their devices and whether they are off-task or need help. By using automatic alerts and powerful commands, you can quickly and easily get students back on-task.

GoGuardian Beacon

Suicide prevention built for schools

Identify students who are silently suffering, alert those who can help, and quickly activate your school’s custom response plan. Beacon’s robust and flexible alerting system can bring in the right school responders, help notify parents after hours, and even provide students directly with resources. Alerts include screenshots, the phase of ideation, historical activity, and highlighted text.

GoGuardian DNS

Filter your BYOD and guest networks

Help keep users safe on all devices with a DNS filtering solution built specifically for education. Managing multiple products for content filtering can be cumbersome, confusing and painful. GoGuardian DNS provides a simple, unified easy to use interface for configuring all your filtering policies across your entire network. Existing GoGuardian Admin customers enjoy a seamless filtering experience by reusing active policies.

GoGuardian Fleet

Mission control for your Chrome devices

With GoGuardian Fleet, it’s never been easier to manage, track, and maintain your district’s entire Chromebook deployment. Fleet seamlessly syncs with Google Admin Console to keep your inventory up-to-date. No more single-item Google Admin Console editing or messy spreadsheets. Fleet also makes repair management easy. Track repair types, duration, cost, notes, and more.

GoGuardian Parent App

Informed Parents. Engaged Students.

GoGuardian Admin now comes with a new parent reporting app that enables your school to share a student’s online activity with their parent or guardian. Our user interface and illustrative charts quickly communicate the activity so that parents will stay more connected without having to request updates from your faculty. This simple app is managed by you, but downloaded and used by parents on their own.

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