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No Matter How You Fix Your Devices
No Matter Who You Bought Them From,
Our FireFly Services Utility Belt Is Your





Repair & Support Solution

Budget Minded

FireFly Smart Repair
  • Pre-pay only for repairs you’ll actually use
  • 10% discount on parts and services
  • No need to track serial numbers
  • Cause of damage/repair doesn’t matter
  • Usable for any device we service
  • Where you bought the device doesn’t matter
  • Easy parts ordering at
  • Simple online RMA portal
  • Credits roll-over from year to year
  • FireFly speed and convenience

The Budget Blaster

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Student Repair Program

FireFly DIY Repair Kit and
Repair Zone Videos
  • All the tools and supplies needed for two people to complete nearly every Chromebook repair
  • Detailed step-by-step instructional videos
  • Compact mobile storage cart included
  • Discount on initial repair part order

The Neural Enhancer

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Self Maintainer
  • Convenient parts ordering
  • Online warranty checker
Buffer Stock
  • Have parts on hand for immediate repairs
  • Replenish stock from factory replacements

The Chrono-Maxer

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FireFly Enhanced Services

Authorized Services Provider
  • We deal with the manufacturer on your behalf
  • Easy online RMA submission form
  • Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and more
FireFly Smart RMA Box
  • Conveniently fill with devices needing repair
  • Boxes and padding are provided at no cost
  • Free shipping both ways on bulk RMAs

The Efficiflyer

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Full Coverage

Warranty and ADP Plans
  • Plans for every need and budget
  • Simple online RMA submission form
  • Unique “School Year” plans with 6 months free
  • Industry-best turnaround times
  • FireFly convenience and support
  • We will service any manufacturer warranty, even if bought from a different vendor
  • 3rd party and custom plans are also available

The Simplifier

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