Session-Based DesktopVirtualization

Costs 50% less
Session-Based Virtualization costs 50% less than PCs, and in many cases, 75% less than traditional VDI
1 OS per 100 users!
With only one OS and one set of Apps to manage for all users, administration and maintenance workloads are drastically reduced
Serves apps quicker
Once an application is launched in the OS by one user it's ready to go for all others, creating a lightning fast user experience
Currently Supporting Over 150k Virtual Desktops!

FireFly Computers brings you the lowest cost, easiest to manage, most efficient form of desktop virtualization – Session Based VDI. With this form of desktop virtualization, only one operating system and one set of applications are needed. The same OS environment is accessed by all users simultaneously, yet each user has the look and feel of their very own personal computer. By delivering individual sessions to each user rather than a whole OS like traditional VDI, many more users can be served by a much simpler and much more cost-effective server and networking infrastructure. Early attempts at session-based VDI weren’t great, but recent technologies along with our simple, turn-key FireFly servers have turned it into a surefire success!

Deployment Success Starts With The Server

The #1 factor in delivering a fast, high-performance virtual desktop experience is the host server. Not everyone is a host server expert, so we’ve designed the world’s first and most advanced lineup of turn-key, cost-effective host servers that come preconfigured for VDI success

FireFly Servers

The FireFly 1500

Unbeatable value for small deployments or low‑intensity office applications


Estimated Users Supported
Low Workload 50
Medium Workload 45
High Workload 27
Standard YouTube® 30
Full-Screen YouTube® 20

The FireFly 3500

Flagship performance and versatility for a variety of workload environments


Estimated Users Supported
Low Workload 85
Medium Workload 70
High Workload 42
Standard YouTube® 65
Full-Screen YouTube® 25

The FireFly 5500

Ultimate power for multitasking, videos, and Flash®‑intensive applications


Estimated Users Supported
Low Workload 140
Medium Workload 120
High Workload 95
Standard YouTube® 130
Full-Screen YouTube® 45

Number of supported users will vary based on individual usage and system settings. The user capacities given represent our best estimates calculated from internal testing of per-user resource consumption. Actual results may be higher or lower.

Complete The Platform With Your Choice Of User Endpoints

Atrust® T66D with Microsoft® RDP

Atrust T66D
  • FireFly-enhanced firmware
  • Rich RemoteFX desktop experience
  • Lightning fast performance
  • Clean, zero-footprint design
  • Cool, fanless operation
  • Device auto-registration


The Atrust® T66D offers a rich computing experience where applications look, feel, and behave the way they do with traditional workstations, yet everything is hosted and managed from centralized host servers in your own local cloud. Microsoft® RDP with RemoteFX delivers a rich multimedia desktop experience with smooth video and fully-synced audio, and the FireFly-optimized management console allows for simple yet powerful control of your entire virtual desktop environment. Additional features such as intelligent load balancing, sever clustering, auto-failover, and free remote management make the Atrust® T66D Thin Client a fast, reliable, and cost-effective solution for desktop computing.

FireFlyFX for Windows®

Seamless RDP that restores speed and usefulness to old, sluggish Windows® devices

FireFlyFX for Windows


  • Centralized remote management of endpoint devices
  • Fully-synced audio and video
  • Fast, modern user experience
  • Extends the life of existing hardware

Virtualization TCO - 50 Workstations

FireFly 3500 Server x 1$2,995
Zero Client Hardware x 50$8,950
Management Software x 50$0 Free
Storage Area Network x 1$0 Don't Need It
Microsoft Licensing, Perpetual$1,532 If Academic
Total Cost$13,477
Per Seat$269
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Toll Free: 1-866-950-8868