Get credits or discounts towards new devices

Just when you thought we couldn’t make things any easier…


Stop throwing out old technology or paying someone to haul it away. Your used devices could hold more value than you think. At Trafera, formerly FireFly we work with a variety of secondhand technology processors, and we’ll try to find you the best possible return on your past technology investments. Even if we can’t accept your buyback directly, we’re happy to point you in the direction of partner companies who might. It’s all part of the end-to-end Trafera experience, where we stick with you throughout the whole lifecycle of your devices!



  1. Get a quote for your used devices:

    Let us know the brand, model, quantity, and specs. Don’t have all the specs on hand? That’s ok. Provide us with what you can and we’ll figure it out. Processor, memory, and storage size are the most helpful.

  2. Ship your devices for free:

    We’ll provide you with packing materials and pre-paid labels to get your used devices where they need to go. Be sure to de-provision used Chromebooks prior to shipping (don’t worry, we’ll remind you).

  3. Get credit or discount on new devices

    Once your used devices have been processed, we’ll apply the value as a credit or discount towards new Chromebooks, Smart Repair credits, or whatever else you choose.

Did you know…

Most of the value of
used devices is in the

LCD Screen!

Even if a device won’t
power on, we may still buy it!


Q. What devices do you accept for trade-in?
A. We accept trade-ins of most laptops, Chromebooks, or tablets, no matter the operating system. Products and prices may change based on market demand.

Q. What happens to devices once they are traded in?
A. After securely removing any data, devices deemed usable are reconditioned and resold, diverting them from the waste stream. Devices deemed unusable are destroyed and disposed of in responsible ways. All batteries removed are recycled in EPA and R2 certified facilities.

Q. Do we have to send our devices in or will you pick them up at a specific locations?
A. We handle all the logistics and provide packing materials and shipping labels to conveniently send in your used devices at no cost to you. Pick-up will be arranged for larger orders that require a palletized delivery.

Q. How do I know my data has been properly destroyed?
A. At your request, we will provide certificates of data wipe by device and IMEI number, as well as physical certificates.