Student Repair
Starter Guide

Here’s to the self-maintainers! The team at FireFly wanted to make it as easy and painless as possible for you to start a student repair program of your own so you can be fully self-sufficient with your Chromebook fleet. Learn the logistics, difficulties, and strategies to getting started in this guide!

Sample Forms and Documents

Here are some sample forms and documents you can feel free to customize and adapt to your own needs, or just use them for ideas when you create documents of your own.

Responsible Technology Use Contract

Repair Coverage Opt-in Form

Student Application Google Form

Repair Incident Intake Form

Post-Repair Checklist

Get all the tools, repair videos, and parts you need

The FireFly DIY Repair Kit is perfect for Student Repair Programs, containing all the same tools and supplies used by our own professional Chromebook repair technicians.

The FireFly DIY Repair Kit

  • Deluxe 5-drawer storage cart with fold-out work shelf
  • Enough tools and supplies for two repair tech to work simultaneously
  • Optionally includes professional FireFly step-by-step repair videos
  • Includes free consultation with FireFly technicians for live Q&A
Phone: 612-564-4088
Toll Free: 1-866-950-8868