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Accidental Damage claims require details about how the accident occured and resulting damage.

Do not include any cases, accessories or power adapters unless instructed to do so.

Do not submit claims for units that contain insects or biohazardous materials.
Units received with insects/biohazards will not be repaired and cannot be returned per UPS and Fedex guidelines.

Serial numbers not entered in the fields above will cause processing delays.

Be sure to backup any critical data that may be on your devices as we cannot be held responsible for loss of data due to hardware failure or issues encountered in the shipment or repair processes.

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Not sure if your devices are still under warranty? Check them here:

Product purchases from Trafera are communicated to the manufacturer to ensure the warranty term starts on the purchase date. This can take time to propagate on the site. If you believe the warranty entitlement shown on the manufacturer’s warranty lookup tool is incorrect for your devices, please note it in your RMA submission.

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