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Takeaways from This Week’s HP Partner Meeting

FireFly representatives on what they learned about the present and future of HP products

Megatrends, the 4th Industrial Revolution, Minecraft and more. All topics of discussion this past Wednesday at HP’s FY20 SLED Channel Partner Roadshow (in partnership with Intel and Microsoft) in Edina, Minnesota. The goal was to catch their partners up with everything hot, new, and fresh in the HP universe. FireFly sent reps Jen, Kristie, Abby, and Ben to sniff out the insights from this week’s meeting. Here are the HP Updates that we think you should know:

Kristie Powell | Account Manager

“All EE devices have been tested and passed 19 x Mil-Standard tests for durability. Additionally, we recieved a 2020 EE Sneak Peak which included 1) New Design with larger rubber edges 2) Standardized and Reduced screws for easier repairs, 3) Improved drop test performance, 4) Webcam Shutter for privacy.

Microsoft offers a windows solution similar to Chrome for managing the devices

There are a bunch of Microsoft compatible 3rd party apps that are transforming the classroom.  FlipGrid was referenced, it allows teachers and students to share quick 5 second videos…nearly 1 million videos are being shared per day. Speaking of 3rd party apps, Microsoft is promoting 500+ free Minecraft Lesson Plans to help teachers get kids coding at an early age.  They created a cool Aquatic and Marine Life world to teach kids about the ocean and marine life.

Microsoft is making changes to compete with Chrome… This included Intelligent Edu (now with login times under 30 seconds) and InTune for Education (which is great for devices that are shared–stationary in a classroom and used by multiple students in a single day).

There was a brief overview on the product line up with a focus on the Mini in 1 Display, Z2 Workstation, Omen X 2S 15 Laptop for eSports, & Dragonfly Laptop (much smaller and lighter than existing devices).

 Moving forward, HP has a huge focus on security and they appear to be ahead of the competition.  HP’s Sure Sense comes standard with all EliteBook 800 G6 Series and higher which offers layers of protection.  You can press the F2 key for privacy in public places or if you are on a plane but more importantly…it has AI that is trained to recognize malware and remove without intervention from a member of an IT person.  This alone is a huge selling feature for the higher end laptops.” 

Kristie’s Takeaways

Exciting stuff coming for HP EE devices in 2020

3rd party apps are revolutionizing the way teachers use devices in the classroom

Microsoft is competing with Chrome with improvements for K-12 education

HP focusing heavily on security with their high end computers

Jen Iverson | Account Manager

“What I found especially compelling about the event was how forward-thinking our partners are. HP discussed being on the verge of the 4th Industrial Revolution which includes cyber physical systems and how careers in this area will drive the new economy. Furthermore, how educators need to prepare K-12 students for this new era by incorporating VR, AI and 3D printing into the classroom. Microsoft also showcased how many school districts are transforming classroom time by using computational thinking exercises including Minecraft environments and Flip grid videos. Plus I won a super cool new laptop 

Jen’s Takeaways

Where the 4th Industrial Revolution is taking us.

VR, AI, and 3D Printing to prepare students for jobs in cyber physical computing systems. 

Computational thinking exercises (like Minecraft and FlipGrid videos) to transform classroom time.

Abby Erickson | Account Manager

“[Reps from HP] talked about the future of learning with technology and virtual reality which I thought was really interesting… They also discussed the classroom management tool that comes on their Windows devices which is great for districts with Windows. And their security is really impressive – their printers are really secure and on their high end devices they have Sure Sense – which is unique to them.”

Abby’s Takeaways: 

AR/VR as the future of learning with technology.

Classroom management tool for Windows PCs that simplifies school IT for Windows fleets. 

AI driven PC security and more for a premium experience. HP introduces a new generation of bright, beautiful, and secure PC workstations.

Want to hear more about what’s new with HP? Get in touch with any of these reps for more info!