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It’s easy to see broken tech as a challenge, but it can also be a great opportunity for engaging students through hands-on learning. Schools all over the country are beginning to realize that a properly managed student repair program can build kids’ understanding and interest in technology, provide them with a sense of accomplishment, enhance peer relationships, and help them develop real-world skills. Not only that, but it also can save schools time and money on device repairs and extends the life of classroom technology.

It’s the kind of solution we love at Trafera, formerly FireFly. You start out with a problem, and with a touch of creative innovation, you’re able to convert it to a strength. That’s why, at Trafera, we’re doing everything we can to assist schools in developing and implementing student repair programs of their own. We’ve assembled templates, training videos, DIY repair kits, and more to help you get started – as well as our FREE Student Repair Program Starter Guide.

Have you decided student repairs aren’t right for you because of warranties, complexity, or budgeting for parts? We hope you’ll think again! At the bottom of this page, we’ll do our best to address your concerns and show how a student repair program can fit with just about any device repair strategy.

The Top 5 Reasons

A Student Repair Program Is Great For Your School

  1. It gets kids interested in electronics and digital technology
  2. It develops workplace skills like organization, responsibility, teamwork, and follow-through
  3. It builds confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and a sense of belonging
  4. It helps you save time and money on repairs
  5. It can extend the service life of your devices


Starter Guide

Trafera is helping schools all over the country launch student repair programs of their own. Our guide will walk you through the logistics, challenges, best practices, and winning strategies to help make your student repair program a resounding success!


Sample Forms and Documents

Here are some sample forms and documents you can customize and adapt to suit your own needs, or just use them as inspiration
for documents you create on your own!

All the tools, videos, and parts you need…

The Trafera DIY Repair Kit is a perfect addition to your Student Repair Program. Each kit is ready to go with all the parts and supplies you’ll need for two students to work simultaneously on almost any Chromebook repair. They’re the exact same tools and supplies used by our own professional Chromebook repair technicians!

The Trafera DIY Repair Kit

  • Deluxe 5-drawer storage cart with fold-out work shelf
  • Enough tools and supplies for two techs to work simultaneously
  • Includes a free consultation with Trafera technicians for live Q&A
  • Optionally includes Trafera’s expert step-by-step repair videos



Won’t student repairs void my warranty?

Yes, they most definitely will for devices that are under warranty. BUT… most classroom devices such as Chromebooks only come with a one year warranty. A student repair program is not an “all or nothing” decision. For devices under warranty, you can still send them to a Manufacturer’s Authorized Services Provider like Trafera for professional repair. After the warranty has expired, your student tech team can handle things from there. Even devices under warranty can have incidents like broken LCD screens that aren’t covered unless you purchased accidental damage protection (ADP). Student repairs are great for those non-covered events as well.

What if I feel like some repairs are too difficult or time-consuming for my students?

A lot of schools limit student repairs to just common, easy-to-fix issues like screens, keyboards, and batteries (which covers the vast majority of repairs). For anything too difficult or time-consuming, you can always send it to our expert team at Trafera. We’ll fix it right and get it back to you good-as-new!

I don’t want to have to draft a purchase order every time I need parts. How do I budget for student repairs?

Warranties are great for budgeting, but not super great for student repairs or saving money. We know budgeting is important, so that’s why we invented Trafera Smart Repair Credits. With Trafera Smart Repair, you can purchase credits at the beginning of the year and then use those credits throughout the year to buy parts or pay for repairs as needed. Unused credits roll over from year to year, and you can top up your balance at any time. Check out all the details on our Trafera Smart Repair page.