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New and Recertified

New & Recertified Computers

We offer competitive prices on new laptops and desktops from Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, and more. We also have a selection of the best recertified PCs in the industry, which can save you big money on Windows devices. Our 31-point restoration process ensures that our recertified PCs don’t just run like new, they look like new too. The only difference you’ll notice versus new PCs is the price!

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Low-Cost Desktop Virtualization

Low-Cost, Session-Based VDI

FireFly is the premier nationwide vendor for session-based desktop virtuialization in education. It’s a simple way for multiple users to work simultaneously from the shared resources of a centralized host server or host server network. It’s perfect for libraries, computer labs, or standardized testing. There’s only one shared Windows® installation to manage and one shared set of apps, so it drastically slashes your PC management workload. A typical school saves over 50% on initial costs and 80% on energy use versus PCs.

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