Work confidently, safely, and in style with HP EliteBooks

Wherever classes take place, set teachers up with laptops that deliver powerful performance and optimal mobility. Find HP EliteBooks and other home-office essentials at FireFly Computers.


HP Business Essentials for the at-home classroom

Create the ultimate remote teaching environment with HP Business Essentials, available through FireFly Computers.


HP ProBook 400 Series laptops for remote teachers

Set teachers up for remote teaching success with reliable, secure, and stylish HP Probooks, available through FireFly Computers.


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Tech Essentials for Teaching in the New Normal

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Watch FireFly, HP, and GoGuardian chat about all things teacher tech for remote education. From powerful devices to an all-in-one filtering, monitoring, and video conferencing solution, these tips will have you successfully supporting teachers wherever learning takes place this year.

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