Deploy student devices, completely hands-free!

An easier and safer deployment

At Trafera, formerly FireFly, we want to help you be great at your job. Right now, that means paying attention to things like sanitation, minimal handling, and safe distribution of student learning devices. With our Trafera Zero-Touch Deployment Services, you'll be able to get great devices in front of your students without anyone at the school ever having to touch them

Your devices will arrive set up exactly the way you want them. We'll assign specific OUs, pre-load apps, and adjust whatever settings you want. Before shipping, each Chromebook will be individually-bagged and inserted into a slotted divider, making it easy to distribute it straight from the box. We can even pre-sort shipments by grade, location, OU, or any other segment you want. Just tell us your preferences and we'll find a way!

We love Trafera Zero-Touch Chromebook Deployment because it's absolutely the safest and easiest way to distribute devices to your students. It's also friendlier on your budget than you may think. Contact us today for a zero-risk quote. We promise you'll have zero regrets.



How It Works

Submit an easy online form specifying exactly how you want our team to set up your new student Chromebooks.  


Trafera individually bags your devices and ships them in bulk packaging  (no opening individual boxes!)


Each device goes through White Glove Setup, including domain enrollment, optional wifi configuration and more. 


Ask your Trafera account manager to add "Zero-Touch Deployment" to your Chromebook order.


Continue to keep your school devices clean using our guide, "How to Sanitize a Chromebook."


Your new Chromebooks arrive ready to hand out immediately. No extra handling necessary!


Get a Quote

Tell us a few things about yourself, and your  personal account manager will reach out to you with a FREE custom quote!

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Zero-Touch Deployment

Setup and Deployment Options

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Lenovo Chromebook 100e
2nd Gen AST 4GB/32GB


Add a 3½ year Lenovo hardware warranty for $19

Bundle Includes 1 Chromebook Plus: 
     + Trafera Zero-Touch White Glove Setup
     + Trafera Zero-Touch Bulk Packaging
     + Google Chrome Education Upgrade (Chrome Management)
     + Unlimited Chromebook Technical Support (phone and email)
     + Simplified online warranty claims portal
     + Free training and monitoring offers from Google 
and Securly (conditions apply) 

HP Chromebook 11 G8 EE


Add a 3 year HP hardware warranty for $39

Lenovo Chromebook 300e
2nd Gen AST 4GB/32GB


Add a 3½ year Lenovo hardware warranty for $19

HP Chromebook x360 11 G2 EE


Add a 3 year HP hardware warranty for $39