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FireFly Employees Devote A Day

In a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) initiative we call “Devote a Day,” FireFly is venturing to make an impact on our local community.  Read More >>

Takeaways from HP Partner Meeting

Megatrends, the 4th Industrial Revolution, Minecraft and more. All topics of discussion this past Wednesday at HP’s partner event (in partnership with Intel   Read More >>

"I Spilled On My Lenovo Chromebook! What Do I Do?"

The Answer… STAY CALM! Have you ever noticed a water drop symbol on the bottom of your Chromebook and wondered what it was? Turns out, it’s a simple solution to   Read More >>


Meet Chromebook App Hub

Teachers Spoke and Google Listened

As of early 2019, over 30 Million students and educators worldwide were using Chromebooks in the classroom! With stats like that, it’s no wonder that when   Read More >>

Good-Bye ChromebookInventory, Hello Chromebook Getter

“Goodbye” ChromebookInventory and “Hello” Chromebook Getter. Check out this brand new Chromebook management tool that has our tech team jumping for joy!  Read More >>

4 Tips for Speeding Up Slow Chromebooks

Is your Chromebook getting slow? There are a number of things that could be to blame! Get back up to speed with these tips on cleaning up laggy Chromebooks.  Read More >>

I.T. Hero 101: Organizational Units (Part 1)

Build OU structure that is effective, manageable, and scalable.Get started strong with these pro tips and best practices for OUs that get the job done!  Read More >>

I.T. Hero 101: Organizational Units (Part 2)

Is your OU structure a major headache? Check out our expert advice on how to give your Admin Console a makeover by restructuring your organizational units.  Read More >>

I.T. Hero 101: Organizational Units (Part 3)

Get your school’s devices set up exactly the way you want them when you communicate effectively with your setup specialist about your school’s OUs.  Read More >>



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