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FireFly Employees Devote a Day

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See how FireFly employees are making a difference in the local community

In a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) initiative that we call “Devote a Day,” FireFly is venturing to make an impact on our local community. For an entire paid day, employees can volunteer their time to an organization or event of their choice to get their hands dirty, show some love, and spark smiles. We believe in making our employees the best they can be, both personally and professionally and want to give a shout out to those members of the FireFly Family who take advantage of the opportunity to lend a helping hand. Read more about what the FireFly Family is doing to make a difference:

12/06 | Carolling at Retirement Home | Wallace, Selina, Anita, Sam, Drew, Lexi, Andrew, Benji, Justin, Brady, Amanda, Jason, Cam, and Matt

The Holidays can be the best time of year for those who are able to spend them with friends and family, but for many, that isn’t an option. Many people get forgotten in the hubbub. That’s why FireFly employees organized a group of carollers to bring some cheer and company to Johanna Shores Senior Living Community.

“I think interacting with our elderly is very important. Many of them do not get any visitors or have the opportunity to engage in conversation with anyone. I don’t know if the residents enjoyed us more or if we enjoyed them more. It was a pleasure singing to them!”

(Selina, Administrative Assistant)

Despite very little musical experience on the part of many in the group, these merry carollers charged on with holiday spirit in their hearts.

“It gave us the opportunity to bring the holiday spirit to those who may be lacking it and give company to those who may be feeling lonely.”

(Lexi, Warranty Services Coordinator)

So, if you’re looking for a great way to show some love this Christmas, grab a group of friends/family, and head to your local senior living facility. You may be surprised how much you can get out of giving back! Happy Holidays!

11/20 | Kindergarten Volunteering | Carlie

We love our teachers! This holiday season, multiple FireFly employees have opted to donate their time to assist local teachers. Account Development Rep, Carlie, chose a school that holds a special place in her heart:

“I chose to spend my Devote a Day in my mom’s Kindergarten classroom in Mahtomedi Public Schools! It was great to spend time at the district I attended Kindergarten in, and give back to teachers I grew up knowing! It was apparent how much the entire Kindergarten Team appreciated my help on future projects and lessons the students would work on later this year… It was important for me to volunteer my time in a classroom, as having a parent who has been teaching for over 27 years, I understand the amount of time and dedication that [goes into] a teaching position.”

It’s tough working at a school, but we know that all the hard work that goes into education is incomprehensibly rewarding for the people who dedicate their lives to teaching. Here’s a big holiday “Cheers!” to all the teachers out there! Thank you for what you do!

11/26 | Kindergarten Volunteering | Kristie

If you need a pick me up, there’s no better way than hanging out in a Kindergarten classroom. Just ask FireFly Account Manager, Kristie Powell.

“I had a blast volunteering in a kindergarten classroom at a local school. I got to assist with a Thanksgiving art project that will go into each kid’s memory book for the year. I enjoyed conversations with the kids. They are so sweet and funny, they really brightened my day.”

Kristie chose to devote a day to Anoka Hennepin Schools this past week to help with very special, Thanksgiving-themed art projects. When asked why she chose to spend her day getting covered in finger paint, Kristie responded, “I absolutely love kids, education has always been important to me, AND my daughter attends the school where I volunteered so it was a bonus that I was able to assist in her classroom.”

We want to thank Kristie for giving her time to help students play, craft, and learn, and for reminding us of the importance of family time and generosity this holiday season.



11/14 | PCs for People | Will, Steve, John, Allie, Chon Buri, Jake, Tomas, Jesse, Lucas, Cooper, Matt, Brad, Christian, Phanat, Quintin, Stephen, Conan

“You can’t do anything without the internet and a computer of some kind these days, it’s nice that someone recognizes it and is filling the gap,” remarked warranty services manager, Will Doucette, after spending the day at local charity, PCs for People. In fact, he was one of seventeen FireFly technicians who donated their time and talents last Thursday by helping the charity inspect, clean, and refurbish old PCs.

Will was on to something. Without access to the tools and connectedness that computers/the internet provide, individuals and organization can struggle to keep up with a fast-paced world. PCs for People is trying to level the playing field by taking in old devices, refurbishing them back to working condition, and selling them (and internet) at extremely low costs to eligible individuals and nonprofits in need of desktop computers.


Here’s what Conan, Senior Manager of Technical Solutions had to say about working with PCs for People:

[It is important work because] they help close the digital divide for those in need by providing affordable technology and 4G LTE Internet. They also work towards preventing e-waste from ending up in land fills and ensuring it is properly recycled. Very cool organization that helps people and the earth! They were extremely grateful for our help and the amount of work we got done for them during our time there.”

Due to their level of expertise, the FireFly squad was able to process over 5,000 lbs of technology for the organization. Way to go guys!

If you want to get involved with PCs for People head to to learn more.

11/12 | Feed My Starving Children | Brendon, Jason G., Selena, Kate, Alex, Kory, Allie, Dillion, Della, Devin, Cam, Jason M., Nick, Justin, Dylon, John, Brett

Feed My Starving Children is an organization that is “dedicated to providing nutritious meals to children worldwide”–a mission that the crew at FireFly could definitely get behind. With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, seventeen members of the FireFly Family took some time out of the office to volunteer time to pack nutritious meals for children around the world. With hands washed and hair nets engaged, the team headed into an hour worth of speed-packing “MannaPacks” (6 servings-worth of vitamins, vegetables, soy, and rice). Just like in the office and warehouse of FireFly, the team locked it in like a well-oiled machine and pumped out over forty boxes worth of food packs. All in all, we packed enough to keep twenty-three kids fed for an entire year!!! Wowza!

Here’s what the team had to say about their experience at Feed My Starving Children:

“It was a great day. Very well organized organization that helped us to make a difference in people’s lives. I felt we made a huge impact for the people of Haiti. I would definitely do something like this event again, it was a lot of fun.”

Kory (Account Development)


“One thing that struck me is that people who receive this food refer to it as “medicine”. Something taken for granted in my every day life is a royalty to someone else. It gives all of us perspective on how fortunate we are and how many people are in need every day. It was a great joy to see the videos of where the food is sent and the happiness it brings. Would love to give back more in the near future!!”

Jason (Account Manager)

“Serving at FMSC is important to me because it was an opportunity to help others in need. For people that don’t know where their next meal is coming from – these packages could be the difference between life and death. We really take for granted being able to open a fridge, or go to a restaurant to get the food that we want. Some of these kids that we helped today will go over 24 hours between meals – which is a scenario that most of us cannot even fathom.”

Justin (Account Development)

Interested in helping feed starving children? Head to to give time, money, and love to little ones around the globe who need your help!

10/25 | EMT Training | Jenny

The Osseo Senior High Emergency Care Camp takes place every year and FireFly’s Head of HR, Jenny Dimitroff (a former EMT herself), took part in helping with this immersive learning experience. Among speakers, hands-on training, and some silly events, students get the chance to be mock victims, complete with all sorts of gruesome injuries, while their peers practice medical and trauma care in a more realistic learning environment. Jenny got to whip out her costume makeup skills as she faked chemical burns, animal claw marks, and broken bones for true Halloween-worthy gore intended to put students face-to-face with life-like traumatic injuries. Additionally, she was able to share some of her experience and expertise in emergency medicine with the participating students.

Here’s what Jenny said about why she chose this volunteer opportunity:

I have been an EMT for 7 years and taught EMT – First Responder at Osseo Senior High for 4.5 years. I enjoy being able to mentor and teach these students as they begin to explore what post-secondary path resonates with them. I enjoy staying involved with the program and the Emergency Care Camp weekend , and returning each year to pour into the students and have a blast with the other staff too!”

Awesome work, Jenny!


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