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FREE Chromebook Technical Support

At FireFly Computers, we have unparalleled experts in deploying 1-to-1 Chromebooks in education. When you buy from us, our support team is available by phone, email, or web to answer questions about how to configure Chrome Management Console or tackle any troublesome issues that arise.

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Simple One-Stop Warranty Service

FireFly is a Manufacturer Authorized Services Provider for nearly all the devices we supply. This allows us to be your one-stop shop for any warranty repairs and it means you’ll to never have to contact the Manufacturer for support again. We’ll work with the Manufacturers so you don’t have to. Our simplified online RMA Portal makes reporting warranty claims fast and hassle-free. We’ll even service warranty claims for devices bought from a different vendor. Wan’t to add accidental damage coverage or extend your warranty for additional years? We can help with that too!

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Smart RMA™ Program for FREE Warranty Shipping*

We further simplify and streamline the warranty process with our free FireFly Smart RMA™ program. One or more FireFly Smart RMA™ boxes will arrive with your first qualifying order. When a device needs repair, just insert it into the provided packaging and when you have five or more devices ready to go, simply contact us for a pre-paid UPS shipping label. We’ll service the devices and send them back to you completely free of charge as long as the repair is covered under warranty, usually within 5-7 business days. Nobody makes warranty repairs more convenient. This program does not interfere with your right to send individual devices for warranty repair under the standard warranty terms and conditions. *Free Smart RMA Shipping is only available in the contiguous 48 states.

Off-Warranty Parts & Repairs

Our FireFly Repair Zone website provides a convenient, one-stop online shopping portal for ordering quality Chromebook and PC replacement parts. It’s perfect for self-repair and student-led repair programs. If preferred, parts purchased through our FireFly Repair Zone website may also be professionally installed by our manufacturer-certified FireFly Engineers. Not sure what’s broken or don’t have time to troubleshoot? We provide fast, convenient “break-fix” repair services as well, and we will always quote you the exact costs before proceeding (unless you tell us not to).

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Easy DOA Returns

Our goal is always to make things easier for you, our customer. If you receive a product that’s dead-on-arrival, defective-on-arrival, or damaged-on-arrival (DOA), we’ll work with our manufacturers and/or shippers on your behalf to help you reach a resolution as quickly and painlessly as possible. Certain timeframe and other limitations set by the manufacturers may apply. Please see our DOA Policy for more details.

Flexible, Low-Cost Leasing Options

FireFly has pre-negotiated lease options available through a variety of trusted lessors which are customized for non-taxable, government-backed entities such as schools. These tax-exempt school leases offer extremely competitive rates and feature special provisions that many districts require such as “funding out” clauses. Both “fair market value” and “$1 buyout” lease options are available. We also have leases built around “device-as-a-service” (DaaS) and “computing-as-a-service” (CaaS) programs such as our $99 Chromebook bundle. Already have a preferred leasing company? We’re happy to work with them too.

Custom Shipping

Many people have told us they never realized what a big difference shipping could make until they worked with FireFly. We can divide your shipment into groups based on pre-determined quantity, split your order to arrive at multiple locations, hold your order until a specified date (such as for delayed July 1 billing), bulk pack your devices to minimize the amount of waste at the district, and even pre-sort your devices according to Google® Chrome Management Organizational Unit (OU). One of our customers even requested shipments on narrower pallets that would fit through a standard doorway and we were happy to comply, saving them hours of work hand-delivering chromebooks like they previously had to do.

Used Device Buy-Back

Your used Chromebooks, laptops, or other computing devices may have more value than you think. Before sending them to a recycler or just giving them away, let FireFly possibly buy them back for a credit or discount on your next order. Getting a quote is easy – just send us the brand, model, quantity and basic specs such as processor, memory, and storage and we’ll make you an offer. Not all models will qualify and offers will vary based on market conditions, but most people are pleasantly surprised.

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FREE Entitlement Claiming Assistance

As the nationwide expert in 1-to-1 computing for education, FireFly has made it our passion to help you get the greatest possible benefits from your Chromebook and technology purchases. Market innovators such as Google®, Intel®, Lenovo™ and others routinely offer valuable free benefits and rewards to promote student learning and support education. Finding and claiming these benefits isn’t always easy, but at FireFly we make sure to identify and assist you with claiming all the available benefits you’re entitled to.

FREE Imaging of Windows® Devices

One of the main challenges of deploying Windows PCs is that each one must be individually configured and setup. For schools with hundreds of PCs, this can create a significant strain on technology staff. At FireFly Computers, we offer free Windows® configuration and system imaging with every new or recertified PC. This eliminates the need to individually setup and configure every device, saving you considerable time and workload.



Do-It-Yourself Repair Kit

The FireFly Do-It-Yourself Repair Kit

We’ve pre-assembled a collection of the same tools and supplies our own Chromebook repair experts use and made them available in our custom-designed FireFly DIY Repair Cart. The kit includes everything needed for two or more technicians or students to perform over 50+ Chromebook repairs. The kit also includes optional access to our comprehensive library of professional step-by-step instructional videos that cover nearly every foreseeable Chromebook repair. It’s the perfect setup to launch your own student Chromebook repair program or enhance your existing tool kit.

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Interactive Classroom

Complete Interactive Classroom

Let FireFly help turn your 1-to-1 classroom into a complete learning environment with Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) and Document Cameras that seamlessly integrate with your Chromebook and Windows® devices. The latest multi-touch IFPs are designed to provide familiarity and ease-of-use through a native Android™ interface and Google® Play apps. They look and function like giant oversized cell phones. Add a flexible, “go-anywhere” wireless document camera and you can broadcast worksheets, overheads, models, specimens, or just about anything directly to your student devices or to the large 65”, 75”, or 86” IFP display. With 4K Ultra HD resolution, built-in modern whiteboard functionality, and a 5 year on-site warranty, FireFly can help bring the total learning package to your 1-to-1 classroom.

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